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IMVU is a social platform where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends.

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Project Overview

Upgrade profile and additional features into a "dashboard", which the mobile app user will land on.

I led the design of the dashboard project for iOS, collaborated with other designers in ideation phase and later on carried over to Android.
In addition, I prototyped some designs and worked closely with engineers, QA, researcher, product owners and product managers on this project, carried the project from begining to execution and iterations after first release.


Confusing first time user experience, too much going on while user doesn’t understand product features, as a result of poor retention rate.

Clean up info architecture in app, consolidate features, prioritize them and elevate them to proper level.

  • Structure the user profile where stats, settings, one's own content exists alongside with access to key features like Inventory, Followers/Following, and content publishing.

  • Simplify and absorb relevant More tab menu functions into profile.

  • Inject enough visual dynamism into dashboard in the form of activity updates (followers, likes, comments, etc) and especially CTA tiles, so that dashboard serves as a first viewable screen and a jumping-off point for users upon app entry.

  • Adjust and reorder buttons in bottom navbar tray: More tab button is being retired in favor of adding dashboard as a Home tab.


    Tab Reordering

    Home/Dashboard: will springboard to posts, all tools for you to post, your profile information, and triggers to go to your inventory, edit profile and edit settings, etc.
    Feed: My Feed - content from users you're following, Explore Feed
    Chat: chat features, lister
    Shop: shop features
    Messages: Messages & Activity

    User Testing (by User Research Team)

    Objective: Gauge the usability of Dashboard.

    Participants: 5 new to IMVU users were recruited via our standard usability screener via usertesting.com.

    Materials: InVision prototype of the FTUX, Dashboard, and the profile screens.

    Tasks: Create an account, view dashboard, and conceptual questions.

    Findings: Generally positive. Minor to moderate improvements to be made in order to locate relevant profile information.

    Dashboard Summary

    Dashboard Interaction

    Dashboard Tile Details

    Dashboard tiles in different widths/sizes will circulate dynamically through the Dashboard to impel the user to take action in the app.  In particular, new users will be familiarized with app features by means of the tile information.

    Graphic Elements

    iPad Layout



    Final Look


    Experiment buckets:
    1) Retained Users w/ Dashboard (Experiment Branch)
    2) New Users w/ Dashboard (Experiment Branch)
    3) Retained Users w/out Dashboard (Control Branch)
    4) New Users w/out Dashboard (Control Branch)
    Metrics to watch: 1/3/7Day ARPU/Revenue. 1/3/7Day Retention.
    Roll out experiment to 50/50 during QA week. Turn it down to 10% so then we can see the relative affect of 1/10 sees Dashboard.


    5% growth of 1/3/7Day retention after launch App Store Rating raised from 3.6 to 4.0 over 4 months (based on a total of 10K ratings)

    Next Steps

  • Incorporate Feed (Following, Discover) into Dashboard for experienced users. Beginning users continue to see only tiles to situate them into IMVU app.

  • Create updates to expose friendactivity converging on certain posts.

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