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    Project Overview

    • Improve current Shop behavior by introducing a Global Shopping Cart
    • Add functionality by adding categories


    I led the design of the shop experience for web and later for iOS and Android.

    Shoppers want to better find/discover items that they seek to buy that are unique, original, and best suited to the activity and look they have in mind. Currently, users complain about difficulty in finding what they desire in Shop.

    Creators want to gain more prominence and recognition in Shop. Skilled creators want to get their products to be viewed by shoppers that seek them.

    Old flow:
    • No global shopping cart
    • Flat category hierarchy 
    • Static 2D image of product card, couldn’t try on


    • Add a global shopping cart
    • Increase Credit Sinks through introduction of new categories.
    • Increase retention through engagement via "completing" the IMVU experience through Rooms & Furniture.
    • Simplify and consolidate the product categories that were contrived by Creators via Core in favor of IMVU-official categories. Move categorization hierarchy closer to what e-commerce sites so that users can more intuitively navigate to desired products for purchase.

    Some e-commerce sites/apps I have studied:

    Shop Experience Flowchart (Web)

    Responsive Grid Layout

    Pages with Feed

    Pages with Other Content

    3 column grid: 1000px <= {browserWidth} < 1160px
    4 column grid: 1160px <= {browserWidth} < 1320p
    5 column grid: 1320px <= {browserWidth}

    Lightboxes & Cards

    Design Specs

    Cart Use Cases

    Cart Drawer Animation


    Final Animation Effect

    Desktop & Mobile Web Variations

    Product Card

    Shopping Cart

    Web Shop Experience


    Shop Experience Flowchart (Mobile)

    Mobile Grid Layout



    Shop Detail



    Product Card



    Shopping Cart



    Actions Sets Interaction Experiment

    User Testing

    Round 1 : General market research of online shoppers
    Round 2 : Invision prototype test (with staff)
    Round 3 : User test with prototype (via
    Round 4 : User test with QA mode (via

    Mobile Shop Experience


    App has been rated as #5 Top Grossing Social in Play Store (raised from #7 in 2 months; based on a total of 20K ratings)