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Over the waterways of New York City there are more than 75 bridges. Although some cities claims more bridges, nowhere are there so many vast steel monuments, built by the industrial era's foremost bridge builders.
For over a century New York has been the dominant city in the Western Hemisphere, acting as a magnet for creative people of all types. The same deep harbor and wide rivers which made New York a commercial success inspired the world's most talented and visionary engineers to establish a new scale in bridge-building here. New York's large spans would receive unparalleled recognition. In turn these bridges helped to knit the city together.

Inspired by the city's spans, I designed this book, and took several weeks photographing all the bridges in the book.

Like most structures, bridges reflect the spirit of their age. The extraordinary size and grandeur of New York's bridges are consistent with the effusive philosophy of the past age: that technology can be used to serve and grace humanity.

By creating a web page that is flexible on a variety of platforms, this website provides people with knowledge of the vast steel monuments of New York.