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Project Overview
Upgrade profile card (personal and public view), part of dashboard project.


  • It’s been difficult for user to connect with others
  • Information architecture wasn’t clear, and user didn’t see certain features like bio & interests before first time editing profile, because they were hidden if nothing was entered.


Add Followers/Following. Integrate stats, settings, one's own content alongside with access to key features like Inventory and content publishing in profile card.
  • Display hint in profile card
  • 3d avatar displayed in profile card instead of 2d
  • Profile shows counts for Following and Followers - preliminary indicator of user's engagement
  • Access to revamped Friends/Add friends/Invite Friend (personal view only)
  • Incorporate Friends & Find Friends access into Follower/Following list

Tested design:

User Testing

Objective: Gauge understanding of the profile page and usability of the editing flow from the profile page.

Participants: 5 new to IMVU users were recruited via our standard usability screener via Limitations included age (18-35), gender ratio (3:2 Female to Male), household income(<100k), and openness to chatting with new people online.

Materials: InVision prototype of the FTUX, Dashboard, and the profile screens.

Tasks: 1. edit their profile image and 2. make their age private.

Findings: Most participants understood the concept of the profile page, and successfully completed both tasks. However, for both tasks, the participants’ initial expectations differed from the design. Most participants struggled with the second task, as they were unable to locate relevant profile information. Additionally, there were minor discoverability issues and expectation-mismatch regarding the contents of “about” tab in the profile page.

Refined design based on user testing: 

Personal Profile Card
Other’s Profile Card

Profile Card - About Section

Personal Profile Card
Other’s Profile Card

Personal View

Public View

Final Look